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a full service, one-stop construction firm concentrating on remodeling of high-end residences.

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It's the heart of our business and we're focused on an efficient process that creates the highest quality product. We employ our own subcontractors and our team is made up of superb craftsmen, expert electricians, and talented plumbers. 

Architects Planning a House


Buying a fixer? It can be scary and we know it. Konstructo can ease your apprehension as you consider purchase price versus renovation cost. Let us visit the home with you and provide ideas and an estimate so you know exactly what you're getting into.

Construction Manager

Architect Consultation

It all starts with a plan, and it’s our goal to get in on it early. We have strong relationships with architecture firms and we’re here to offer an introduction to the right architect for your project or consult as a liaison between you and your architect for cost-effective planning. 

House Plan

Design Services

Visualizing beyond pages you rip from a magazine, hiring one of our affiliate designers can save you time and costs. The combination of your vision and their guidance will result in a uniquely personalized interior plan that's positively beautiful and functional.

Our Process

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Family Home

New York City, NY
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Family Home

Los Angeles, CA
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New York City, NY
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Family Home

Miami, FL
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